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The Good Food Box

Updated: May 12, 2020

The Good Food Box has been in the hands of our community since it started 15 years ago. During COVID19 it has become clear that the Good Food Box is an ever important resource and opportunity for our community.

Lift Food Programs has patnered with Tla'amin to bring the Good Food Box into reality for 75 individuals and families through program funding and community connection.

The first box will be distributed on May 20 2020.

You can order yours from the Good Food Box Tab on this website.

You must order at least on the Thursday before the Wednesday distro date.

Each box will be filled with locally purchased fruits and veggies from Local farms and business.

We hope that this program will grow into a connective and supported initiative for our entire community. More news to come.

-Paradise Valley Produce Farmers Rachael and Dane.

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